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Facilitators Manual and Review Helps for each Study

Check out the Review Helps section on the right which offers step by step help for those who facilitate The Amazing Collection: The Bible Book By Book and The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ. It includes verbal reviews, facts about each book and review quizzes or activities for most weeks. To see the Facilitators Helps for the lesson you are studying click on the name of each set or study.

Getting Started: Helpful Hints for Using the Study

Wonderful helps in planning, promoting and starting the Amazing Collection: The Bible Book By Book whether in a church or a home, for large groups or small ones is available by clicking here.

Leaders Guide: Small Group Leader’s Training Guide

For a Leader’s Guide that gives clear, concise direction and advice for leading small groups of The Amazing Collection: The Bible Book By Book click here. There is further help for leaders in the back of every workbook.

Download here for helpful tips for planning and leading an effective study group using the Guide Book (pages 37-62).