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Big Dream Ministries exists to help people understand the Bible as God's amazing Word and help them apply Biblical truth to their daily lives. We do this by offering studies that drive people to the Scriptures for answers and equipping leaders with excellent resources to reinforce learning.
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Return Policy

For our current warehouse sale, all sales are final and cannot be returned.
Thank you.

Call Before You Return: 888-366-3460

All returns must have a return authorization (RA) number before shipping. Contact Customer Care for an RA number. Please return books ordered from Amazon directly to them.

Books must be in sell-able condition. Books must be returned within 45 days from the order date to receive full credit.

A 10% restocking fee is applied to books returned after 45 days. After 90 days books may not be returned.

Tips for successfully returning books

-Call the office to get a return authorization (RA) number.  (Toll free – 888 366-3460 or Metropolitan Atlanta- 678 366-3460)  Be ready to give us your invoice number.

-Pack the books in a sturdy box. Place the books flat in the corner with the spines against the side of the box.

-Pack paper snugly around the books so that they don’t move. Don’t use newspaper, as newspaper ink rubs off on the books.  We don’t recommend bubble pillows because they often deflate and shift in the box, allowing the books to slide. Books that reach us damaged get only 50%.

-Ship the books to:

Big Dream Ministries
12460 Crabapple Rd, Ste 202, #324
Alpharetta, GA 30004

-If you only have a few books to return, is it worth the shipping cost to send them back? Consider donating them to your church library or giving them to a friend.  You could also keep them and go through the study again.  There is always more to learn through His Word!

-Note: Please order approximately the number of books you know you will need.  If you need more books,  they can be delivered within a week by UPS (less in most areas). This will save you the shipping charges for returned books.

Please contact us with any questions.

Customer Care ~ ~ 888-366-3460