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We are here to help you understand and love God's Word by offering dynamic Bible studies, interactive resources, and engaging teaching. Our vision is for people to be AMAZED by God's Word; to learn it, live it, and have it for life.
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Be Amazed By God's Word For every person, everywhere to grow in biblical knowledge SHOP

Free Streaming is now available with all of our Bible studies!

Go to the Streaming menu to watch right away.

We are no longer selling DVD’s but we have made all videos available for free through our Streaming and YouTube pages.

We understand what it is like to want to know the Bible better. We know the challenge of choosing a study that will actually teach what the Bible is saying. It can be difficult to know where to start or what’s next. The possibilities of studying the Bible are endless. We can help! Our Bible studies are designed to present the BIG picture of God and to teach you HOW to interact with the Scripture.

Find a study that best meets your needs.

  • See the whole story of the Bible with The Amazing Collection: The Bible, Book by Book or Invincible Love, Invisible War
  • Walk through the details of Scripture in The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ and Empowered: The Amazing Church of Jesus Christ
  • Apply the principles of biblical womanhood in today’s world with Be Amazing
  • Focus on Christ in a quick study with Who is Jesus?
  • Have fun getting to know your group with The Amazing Temperaments

Getting started is easy!

  • Preview a study that best meets your needs.
  • Download free Bible Study Resources and class materials from our website.
  • Order a study using the Amazon links from our Shop.
  • Watch free streaming of the teaching videos from our Streaming page or Youtube account.

You will be like many of our thousands of customers over the last 20 years who say, “I never saw that in the Bible before!”

While topical studies serve a specific purpose, you will experience greater growth in every area of your life, when you focus on learning the Bible.

When you go through one of our studies, you will be AMAZED by God’s Word.

Bible Studies

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All of our workbooks are now sold on Amazon at Amazon.com/author/bigdreamministries.
It’s a convenient way for students to order a book, and shipping is free with Prime or books over $25.

We are on Youtube! All of our teaching videos are available on our Youtube page at youtube.com/bigdreamministries
and free streaming from our website.

Looking for activities for children in preschool or early elementary?
The Amazing Adventure  takes children on an exciting journey through God’s Word.
Workbook includes creative crafts, Scripture memory and at-home activities, while introducing them to each book of the Bible.

Check out our new Spanish website and order Spanish workbooks directly from Amazon: bigdreamministriesenespanol.org

Meet our ministry teaching team.

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