Workbooks and Videos are Now Available!

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Big Dream Ministries

God’s Amazing Word. Learn it. Live it. Have it for Life.

Developing disciples of Jesus Christ through dynamic Bible studies, interactive resources and engaging teaching.

Big Dream Ministries is committed to offering materials that help people learn the entire Bible as a “whole” from Genesis to Revelation in a way that is compelling, exciting and thought provoking. Each study goes directly to the Word, allowing students to see for themselves the big picture of each book and how it relates to their lives. Through printed material and international television programming Big Dream exists for the sole purpose of drawing men and women into a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ through His Word, the entire Bible.

~ Ministry Minutes ~

Digital Streaming for The Amazing Collection and Be Amazing will increase from $3 to $5 starting September 1. It’s still a great bargain to watch these wonderful teachers!

See new return policy as of 8/15/2018: ->More info

The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ Part 1 DVDs, Workbooks, and Digital Streaming are available!
Part 2 filming is complete and in post-production editing for a September release.  We currently have limited Part 2 workbooks first edition in stock and the final edition will be delivered soon.

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