The Amazing Collection - Preview - Big Dream Ministries
We are here to help you understand and love God's Word by offering dynamic Bible studies, interactive resources, and engaging teaching. Our vision is for people to be AMAZED by God's Word; to learn it, live it, and have it for life.
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Watch an intro to the The Amazing Collection: The Bible, Book by Book.

When someone brings up “Bible study”, what comes to your mind? Does it feel too hard or irrelevant, or something for the “more spiritual”? The Amazing Collection takes you on a unique journey through the Bible. You’ll see that everything since time began has been moving toward eternity, when God and His people will dwell together forever, because of Christ. Knowing the Author of the one book that can change your life is more than a possibility – it’s a promise for those who seek Him. And you’ll find Him in The Amazing Collection.

The Amazing Collection is grouped into eleven sections of the Bible: The Pentateuch, Kingdom Books, Post-Exilic Books, Poetical Books, Major Prophets, Early Minor Prophets, Later Minor Prophets, New Testament Historical Books, Paul’s Letters to the Churches, Paul’s Letters to Pastors, and Other Letters and Revelation. 

  • Teaching guide or video lesson options are available for each book of the Bible. The Teaching Guide contains complete lesson plans in an easy to teach format, and is great for mixed small groups. Video lessons are 45 minutes and include a powerful testimony and original worship music, and are great for women’s ministry.
  • Study a section at a time (5-9 weeks each). Taken together, these eleven separate studies cover all 66 books of the Bible.
  • Student workbooks include an outline of the teaching, maps and charts, questions for group discussion or personal meditation, and five daily lessons designed for busy people to guide them through each book of the Bible.
  • Free Leader Resources are available to download, including class guides, games and reviews, and other class materials.
  • Free streaming available for each lesson.
  • Workbooks and Teaching Guides (Teaching Curriculum) sold on Amazon.
  • Spanish workbooks available.

The Amazing Collection appeals to every level of Bible knowledge, from growing beginner to lifelong student of the Word.

Join teachers Pat Harley, Eleanor Lewis, Margie Ruther, and Linda Sweeney as they guide you through the entire Bible.


At Big Dream Ministries, we want to help people understand the Bible as God’s complete and amazing story of redemption through Jesus Christ and equip them to apply Biblical truths to their lives. We do this by offering studies that drive people to the Scriptures for answers, and providing reviews and resources to reinforce the learning.

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