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Big Dream Ministries exists to help people understand the Bible as God's amazing Word and help them apply Biblical truth to their daily lives. We do this by offering studies that drive people to the Scriptures for answers and equipping leaders with excellent resources to reinforce learning.
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The Amazing Temperaments – Preview

Have fun getting to know your group with The Amazing Temperamentsa short but in-depth topical study on the four different personality types illustrated from Scripture’s point of view. Use the worksheets and charts included in the book to discover your personality type or for a group activity.

The Amazing Temperaments equips you with a new perspective on yourself and everyone around you. When you recognize and understand the differences – both strengths and weaknesses – appreciation replaces frustration! Humor and biblical perspective help show how we all fit together, for our good and God’s glory.

See the four temperaments – Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic – illustrated in Scripture using well-known Bible characters like Moses and Paul – and how God uses them all for His kingdom purposes.

At Big Dream Ministries, we want to help people understand the Bible as God’s complete and amazing story of redemption through Jesus Christ and equip them to apply Biblical truths to their lives. We do this by offering studies that drive people to the Scriptures for answers, and providing reviews and resources to reinforce the learning.

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