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Big Dream Ministries exists to help people understand the Bible as God's amazing Word and help them apply Biblical truth to their daily lives. We do this by offering studies that drive people to the Scriptures for answers and equipping leaders with excellent resources to reinforce learning.
The Amazing Collection, Bible study, Know the Word, Biblical Truth
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The Amazing Collection, with its powerful testimonies, inspiring music and Christ-centered teaching is a wonderful tool to help women of all ages become better equipped to make a difference in their generation.

-Darlene Marie Wilkinson
Author of “The Prayer of Jabez for Women”

As our culture continues on a desperate search for truth, this unique teaching tool emerges.  The Amazing Collection: The Bible for Women Book by Book offers the exciting opportunity for women to find answers to life’s deepest questions by discovering Jesus, the Truth incarnate.

-Babbie Mason
Dove Award Winning Singer, Songwriter and Author

The Amazing Collection is not only a study of God’s Word, it is a collection of real women and their practical testimonies of how God has reached down into the deepest part of their lives and ministered life instead of devastation even though they experienced divorce, disease, despair, depression and death. Allow God to use this study to reach into those parts of your life and meet your needs.

-Ann Prince Barrows (Mrs. Cliff Barrows)

The Amazing Collection is one of the most exciting Bible studies ever offered at Woodcreek Church – just ask any one of the 250 women currently involved in the study. It helps us to see the entire Bible, beginning to end, as the love letter it was intended to be, revealing the heart of God as He pursues His people. It shows the whole of Scripture interwoven with the beautiful threads of holiness, redemption, sacrifice, faith, peace, love and grace. Most of all, this study dispels the mystery of understanding the Bible as it helps us put the pieces together. While the teaching is full of depth and insight, the study is easy to use and appeals to women of all ages, regardless of their prior knowledge of the Bible. Our desire is that every woman in our church experience The Amazing Collection and all that it has to offer!

Woodcreek Church, Richardson, Texas

Our women’s ministry discovered The Amazing Collection and liked the approach that was different from any we had done before. Little did we know what an “amazing” blessing we were in for. Early on we realized that digging into a new book of the Bible every week gave us a wonderful sense of continuity of the events. Meanwhile, as we listened to the great teaching from four ladies with very different personalities, heard inspiring touching testimonies from “real-live” women, and were blessed by the worship in music, we saw women growing not only in knowledge, but in faith and trust in God. With summers off, we took three years to complete the entire study. Then in the fall, we offered it again for some who had come in sometime after the beginning and for others who were starting from Genesis. We’re now up to Esther and are seeing the same kind of results as before. Thank you so much for The Amazing Collection!

Shadow Mountain Community Church, El Cajon, California

When the Women’s Ministry Council of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, Florida met to discuss possible Bible studies for the fall, it was with delight that we chose to offer The Amazing Collection to our women. Our excitement was fueled by the fact that, at last, we had found a study which would take us book by book through the entire Bible, so that we might see clearly the plans, promises, and provisions of God played out against the backdrop of history. Now fully engaged in the study, we have caught the vision of the themes which wend their way from Genesis to Revelation; and have appreciated the fact that the material is presented in an easily digestible and retainable format. We have found the workbook and DVD’s to be richly filled with… inspiring stories; focused teaching; memorable quotes; helpful charts, maps and outline and memory verses; all of which are strongly building up our knowledge of the Lord, wooing us into a more intimate relationship with him, and enabling us to apply the lessons learned to the rhythms of our own lives. The feedback from our women has been joyfully positive because as we persistently pursue Him through His word, “He will teach us His ways so we may walk in His paths.” Micah 4:2

First Presbyterian Church of Orlando (USA), Orlando, Florida

Teaching The Amazing Collection, I have seen a new confidence in each woman’s faith as she discovers principles that are life-changing! My group enjoys each part of the lesson…the homework, the lecture, the testimony and the music…..they would not want to give up a single part! Novice or “Bible scholar”….one size fits all!!!

Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

The Amazing Collection has far surpassed our Leadership expectations. Some expressions from our women are: “Now I know how the books of the Bible fit together.” “The homework commitment is just right for busy women.” “The lectures are informative and inspirational. “I look forward to doing my homework each week.” “The application questions make each lesson personal.” As Women’s Ministries Director, I have had the pleasure of seeing consistent attendance and delightful aha’s with each new discovery of Scriptural truth. The Children’s Manual is a much needed and helpful tool for our Children’s program of 60+. We look forward to our next two years studying God’s truth through this most excellent tool.

Eastmont Church, Bend, OR

It is hard to know where to begin to describe this AMAZING Journey through God’s Word. I became aware of the study through dinner with a friend in Bethany Beach, Del. and I reviewed the materials over a summer break. My excitement grew to a PASSION that our ten year prayer for an outstanding Bible Study had been answered. We are now in the Minor Prophets. Every week our ladies say I can’t wait to come and when we break they can’t wait to begin again. So many lives have been transformed and people are so excited that we now have several classes that have started in our area. I find the teaching of TAC superb and God’s TRUTH presented in the most excellent way. This format of a complete overview of the Bible book by book has been a tremendous blessing to me; just wish I had this opportunity years ago.

Mariners Church, Annapolis, MD

This is a powerful Bible study, touching and enriching the lives of women of all ages and levels of Biblical knowledge. One of The Amazing Collection studies at our church had women ages twenty-five to ninety. All agree it is the most amazing Bible study they have done.

Alpharetta First United Methodist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

I AM SO GRATEFUL TO God for the “Amazing Collection”! After serving as Women’s Ministry Director at Eastside for over five years, I am thrilled to finally be able to offer a study like this one. It has all the non-negotiable components I have prayerfully searched for in a Bible Study. The chief focus is the Word of God, the daily devotionals that are time manageable for today’s woman and the videos are moving, instructional and filled with the authority and blessings of Christ. Thank you for answering the heart cry of millions of women through “The Amazing Collection.”

-Eastside Baptist Church, Marietta, Georgia

We launched our new Women’s Ministries at Christ Community Church in September, 2005. Soon after, I heard about The Amazing Collection from a friend who is the director of women’s ministries at another church in the area. They had just begun the study and she highly recommended it. I loved the idea of going through the entire Bible, a book a week (although I wondered how that would work when we got to the Psalms!!). In January, 2006, we began The Amazing Collection and knew right away that this was a really good decision. The study provides an excellent overview of each book as well as the big picture of the entire Bible. We immediately fell in love with the four teachers. They each have their own unique style and bring wonderful wisdom and insight into their lectures. We also loved the testimonies of real people who had been through some amazing life experiences. Our prayer was that this study would create a life-long hunger in our women to learn and to obey the glorious truths contained in God’s word. I am grateful that these prayers are being answered. I am personally thankful for the vision God placed in the hearts of these dear sisters in Christ. As our church continues to grow, I look forward to going through The Amazing Collection again and again.

Christ Community Church, Modesto, California

I have just finished 3 years of studying The Amazing Collection at North Metro Church and found it to be my favorite Bible study. The in-depth workbooks along with reading a Book at a time and your wonderful videos one each Book and testimonials helped me understand God’s Word and love much better. I’ve been a Christian all my life and done many Bible studies, but this one had the most profound effect on me. No matter how difficult my day was or how bad I felt, I left feeling so inspired and closer to God after each session. Each one of your presentations and your explanation of what each Book was about made it so much clearer and meaningful to me. The music was just wonderful too. I felt like angels were singing sometimes. Our study group discussions using your study book were so wonderful and insightful. You did an amazing job! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful Bible study. I’m sure you have had a profound effect on leading thousands of women closer to God and His Word as you have me.

-North Metro Church, Kennesaw, Georgia

Our group of fifteen is now in the Poetical books having begun with Genesis and our commitment is to go all the way through Revelation. Most of our group has done many individual Bible studies. This is the first time that we have begun to see how the Bible all fits together. There are many “aha” moments where we realize that’s why (and you can fill in the blank). The study is well designed to give a “broad brush” look at each book and then each section of the study focuses in on the critical parts to understand the big picture. The songs and testimonies also add a lot to our worship. Thanks for putting together such a useful tool.

Salinas Valley Community Church, Salinas Valley, California

My 9 year old son asked me if I had bible study today and I told him I did. I asked him why he asked because I was surprised he was aware of the study or my schedule. He said that he was glad it was bible study day and then told me that I had changed since the study started. I asked how so and he said I was just more calm and he could tell that I had a lot more ‘God in my heart’.