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The Amazing Collection Post-Exilic Books

The Post-Exilic Books (1 Chronicles – Esther)
See God’s faithfulness on full display as He stands ready to forgive His people and keep His promises. Godly leaders graciously remind His exiled people of their relationship with their Deliverer, encouraging them to repent, return, rebuild, and be restored.




The Post-Exilic Books

1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther 
The Post-Exilic Books, 1 Chronicles through Esther, complete Old Testament History. God proves He is a Promise Keeper as He brings His people back to the land after 70 years in exile. This study details events after the northern kingdom (Israel) was conquered and scattered by Assyria and after the southern kingdom (Judah) was conquered and exiled to Babylon. We see Persia come to world power and God’s chosen remnant return to the promised land to restore their temple and build the wall around their beloved Jerusalem. All of the Old Testament books following Nehemiah merely fit into the time period of these Historical books.

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