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New Testament Historical Books Spanish Workbook


Los Libros Historeicos Del Nuevo Testamento
Matthew – Acts

After centuries of darkness and silence, the glory of the Lord returned to His people, this time in flesh – the Word, Jesus. Another birth takes place in these books: the Church, born through the promised Holy Spirit and the obedience of Jesus’ followers. These beloved books will spark joy as you marvel at the sovereignty of our loving God.




The New Testament Historical Books

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts 

These five books begin with the birth of Jesus Christ and conclude with the first imprisonment of the apostle Paul about six decades later. Within these books, God continues to reveal His sovereign plan. He moves the emphasis on the nation of Israel to an emphasis on the church, from a covenant of law to a covenant of grace, from His Holy Spirit coming upon people to actually indwelling them and from commanding Israel to live in such a way as to attract others to commanding the church to disperse throughout the world and make disciples of all nations.

The Gospels give us four similar but distinct accounts of Jesus the Messiah, while the books of Acts tells of the church of Christ. Indeed, these five books lay the foundation for the letters that comprise the rest of the New Testament!