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Paul’s Letters to Pastors Spanish Workbook


Las Cartas Paulinas Para Los Pastores en español.
1 Timothy – Philemon

From concern for unity and careful teaching to dealing with conflict and keeping the faith, Paul’s words to church leaders ring just as true for us today. Everything you need to know about leadership can be found in these letters to pastors. Let these truths cultivate Christ’s character as you persevere in your own calling.




Paul’s Letters to Pastors 

1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus and Philemon 

From the very beginning of the church, leadership was necessary, and appropriate leaders and their leadership roles had to be established.

These four letters were written by Paul to individual men responsible for leadership in three different churches. As you study these books you will become acquainted with the character traits of a leader, the various forms of leadership, the descriptions of ministry for various groups of people within the church, and the warnings against false teachers and practices.

Two millenia later, biblical churches still look to these books for direction in the area of church leadership. Continue to see God as you learn for life from these short but powerful and rich books of His Holy Word.