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Teaching Curriculum – Post-Exilic Books

The Post-Exilic Books (1 Chronicles – Esther)
See God’s faithfulness on full display as He stands ready to forgive His people and keep His promises. Godly leaders graciously remind His exiled people of their relationship with their Deliverer, encouraging them to repent, return, rebuild, and be restored.




The Amazing Collection: The Bible, Book by Book Teaching Guide is curriculum for presenting each book of the Bible in sequential and succinct manner. All of the research and lesson development has been compiled together in one resource with helpful teaching tips, engaging illustrations and charts, and practical applications.  The Teaching Guides enable teachers to dynamically present each book of the Bible in a manner that is appropriate for their students. It is suitable for women, men, and couples of all ages, even teens and young adults who are interested in learning God’s Word

The study divides the Bible into eleven sets or related books – Pentateuch, Kingdom, Post-exilic, Poetical, Major Prophets, Early Minor Prophets, Later Minor Prophets, New Testament History, Paul’s Letters to Churches, Paul’s Letters to Pastors, and Other Letters and Revelation. Companion workbooks augment the lessons designed to help the student learn the Bible and learn it for life.

Set 03 – The Post-Exilic Books covers II Chronicles through Esther and is written to prepare the people of God while they were in captivity to return to the Promised Land. The timeline of the Old Testament comes to a close with the Post-Exilic books.

This 5-week curriculum is perfect Sunday schools, small groups and Bible study ministries. Students will learn the narrative of God’s story, the principle players, the notable features, the crucial chapters for every book of the Bible. Engaging reviews help sure that students will learn for life!

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