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The Amazing Collection Poetical Books

The Poetical Books (Job – Song of Solomon)
Let the most beautiful words ever written lead your heart in meditation and praise. Ancient writers reveal they are much like us as they question suffering, debate philosophy, wrestle with depression, ponder their purpose, honor intimacy and worship gloriously.




The Poetical Books

Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon
The Poetical Books reveal the heart of the nation of Israel and are considered some of the finest literature ever written. It is as if the authors’ very hearts have been opened up for all to see. Pain is not minimized, nor is man’s struggle to understand God downplayed. Questions of suffering are boldly asked, worship is gloriously displayed, wisdom is held in highest esteem, married sexual love is unashamedly portrayed, and philosophy is openly debated. As you study these books, you will be amazed at their beauty, clarity and passion. As they reveal their hearts, we find them much like our own.

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