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From the very first words “In the beginning…” of Genesis, the story of God unfolds to tell about the beginning of the human race and the journey of the chosen race. From flood, to famine, to forced labor, to freedom, the Pentateuch covers a little more than 2600 years. The books are foundational for the rest of the Bible. One book flows easily into another, developing biblical history from creation to about 1500 BC, as well as the history of Israel from the call of Abraham through the death of Moses. Here you will meet Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his twelve sons, Moses, Aaron, and Joshua.  You will travel from the Garden of Eden to Ur, Haran, Canaan, and Egypt, through the Red Sea, and on to Mount Sinai. But the center of every book in the Pentateuch is God Almighty. Your adventure with Him will begin in the first sentence of the first book, and from there on, it is a wild ride as He intervenes on behalf of men and women throughout history. And in every book you will come to see that Jesus Christ is concealed, ready to be revealed in the New Testament.

The Pentateuch Class Review Guide
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At the end of the Pentateuch, spend time reviewing the entire set with a fun review game.