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Post Exilic Books

By the end of 2 Kings, both the northern and southern kingdoms had been conquered. Israel, the northern kingdom, was conquered and scattered by Assyria. Almost 150 years later, the Babylonians destroyed Judah, the southern kingdom, and those who survived were exiled to Babylonia. The temple lay in ruins, the land was desolate, and it appeared that all hope was lost for the exiled remnant. As they struggled to survive as aliens in a strange culture and still maintain their Jewish identity, God was working behind the scenes in unimaginable ways. He had promised that Judah would be exiled for seventy years. But He had also promised to bring His people back to the land. In the Post-Exilic Books, you will see that God keeps his promises.

The Post Exilic Books Class Review Guide
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At the end of the Post-Exilic books, play a fun guessing game that has a review of the major points of each book going back to Genesis. There is sure to be plenty of laughter while celebrating how much has been learned.
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