The Amazing Collection

The Amazing Collection is a very unique Bible Study. It consists of a full video curriculum of sixty-six DVDs and eleven workbooks that takes the student through God’s story from Genesis to Revelation in a way that is understandable, dynamic and exciting, with testimonies that touch the heart and music that leads to worship. The material allows people who are new to God’s Word to comfortably begin their journey while seasoned Bible students experience ‘aha moments’ as they see the pieces of God’s Word fit together.   Shop Now >

The Amazing Collection Teaching Guides are a new addition to The Amazing Collection curriculum.  As a companion teaching guide to The Amazing Collection, it enables teachers to dynamically present each book of the Bible in a manner that is appropriate for their students, and can be used in place of the DVD teaching or as a supplement. It is suitable for women, men, and couples of all ages, even teens and young adults who are interested in learning God’s Word.  Shop Now >

The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ

The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ is a twenty-four week 2-part teaching DVD and workbook study that follows our Savior as He walked among us more than 2,000 years ago. Witness His miracles, take in His teaching, sit among His dearest friends, and feel the grief inflicted by His darkest enemies. Organized chronologically using the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, this scripture-saturated study turns familiar stories into fresh, life-changing truths.  Shop Now >

Be Amazing

preview-be-amazing This outstanding 24-session DVD study has been produced by Big Dream Ministries in response to Titus 2:3-5. It is designed for young women who want to learn more about their Biblical role as a woman, and for older women who want an excellent tool to help them mentor younger women.  Shop Now >


Invincible Love, Invisible War

preview-ILIWThis dynamic six-week study unravels the threads of the invisible war we all face and the victory available through God’s invincible love. It answers questions such as: If God loves me, why is life such a battle? Is there ever an end to the war?  Shop Now >


The Amazing Adventure

preview-AA The Amazing Adventure is a 400 page children’s curriculum developed by Big Dream Ministries for children who are preschool through eight years of age. The curriculum takes the child through every book in the Bible in a sequential manner.  Shop Now >